Skills passed down.

I love the fact that I can learn so much from my mum. Either in the kitchen or the sewing room she aways has something new to teach me. I remember as a child that she did macrame and wow did she do it!!!! String all over the house to be honest. Hanging from door handles and chairs.

So I thought it the perfect chance with her last visit to teach me this retro craft from Retro Gran (as we call her)

One thing I love about my mum is we can have a good laugh. The amount of times we have been making something. For example my boys first birthday cake. It was an elmo one and man did we have trouble. It took us until 1am in the morning (while the men slept of course) to "try" and get a red colour to the cake. It turned out amazing but boy did it have some food colouring in ; ) I've been so lucky over the years to enjoying making things with my mum. And even having her in the South Island hasn't stopped us from crafting together. A family that crafts together stays together ; )


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