Thursday, September 29, 2011

Confirmation emails sent last night

It's going to be another amazing market. Wow not long until Xmas really is it. Don't forget we are running two markets in December on the 3rd and 17th. Just to give you all an extra day to do all your Xmas shopping. L

Monday, September 26, 2011

Applications closing soon

Get those last minute applications in for CT's 2nd birthday party on the 15th of October.

Also keep an eye out for CT's new market - Love vintage & retro- on the 22nd of October
same place and time

Love vintage & retro market

Looking forward to another amazing market and seeing all our fab customers coming along
to support some very amazing crafters : )

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Applications are now open for our October market

Make sure you click on apply now for our 15th of October market. It is also our
2nd Birthday!!!!!!! This market never would have been the success it is without the beautiful Luisa : ) We all luff yah darling and hope you will come visit soon. Wow I've been running the market for nearly 8 months now!!!!!! And each month it just gets bigger and better each month.
I'm just doing the final touch's on our two December markets so watch our blog to apply now.  Lisa x

Sunday, September 18, 2011

From the TV3 Website on Friday

Not Rugby - Crafternoon Tea

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Handpainted vintage plates at Crafternoon Tea: I don't see any rugby!

Handpainted vintage plates at Crafternoon Tea: I don't see any rugby!

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FRI, 16 SEP 2011 12:00P.M.
Daily distractions for sufferers of World Cup fatigue, from Ally Mullord.
Auckland’s Eden Park is notorious for being the home of the You-Know-What, but just around the corner is something far nicer than rugby: a craft market.
I know that traditionally neither the word ‘craft’ or ‘market’ inspire confidence and the two together are worse, but bear with me - craft markets have come a long way in the last few years.
The markets of my childhood were a mishmash of trestle tables covered in various crap from one or more of the following categories:
  • Clothing (bits of second-hand polar fleece that could do with a wash)
  • Decoration (doilies, candles with shells stuck in the sides)
  • Jewellery (often featuring shells and/or wire)
  • Food (dodgy jars of preserves with names like “Barbara’s Best Lime Chutney” and “Martin’s Pickle Fiasco”)
But things have changed! It’s 2011 now, and also I don’t live in Blenheim any more.
Crafternoon Tea is my local craft market and it is awesome. It’s in Kingsland and runs on the third Saturday of every month, which is tomorrow (and also the weekend after payday, which makes it particularly dangerous).
I talked to Lisa Madden, who has been running Crafternoon Tea since April, about the “great little market” she looks after - it would have been weird if we talked about something else, and also not very useful for this article.
Ms Madden says Crafternoon Tea is getting bigger and bigger each month, and “this month’s been chaos with emails and phone calls”.
“Last month’s market blew me away… the quality every month is just getting amazing,” she says.
Stallholders apply through Crafternoon Tea’s blog and must provide images of their product before being accepted, to weed out the dodgy-chutney crowd – something Ms Madden says sets the market apart and ensures only the best stallholders are involved.
Ms Madden is qualified to select the best – she has her own stall at the market, selling vintage childrens’ toys, and says she does it “for the love”.
“It’s such a great group of people, the stallholders – it’s a really good little community.
“It’s just really nice watching them all sitting there having a little natter… and getting a chance to showcase their products.”
I become over-excited about the ‘afternoon tea’ section of the name and demand to know if there will be food – I’m reassured that not only will there be cupcakes and a stall from Blackwoods Bakery, Atomic's cafĂ© is next door for those marketgoers who, like me, are zombified wrecks without their morning coffee.
As well as decorative items, like the hand-painted vintage plates and fabric morepork doorstop my flatmate and I picked up from last month’s market, crafts on show tomorrow will include jewellery, food and childrenswear.
Crafternoon Tea is on tomorrow from 10am to 2pm at the Trinity Methodist Church in Kingsland, on the corner of Sandringham and New North Road. Your local craft market is something you’re going to have to look up yourself.

Ally thank you so much for you great article and it was so lovely to see you on saturday. 

Enjoy your sunday everyone. I'm going to try and recover from yesterday. A HUGE thank you to my amazing husband Daniel I really could not have done it yesterday without you. And all our super support beautiful stall holders you ROCK. 
Applications open tomorrrow for our 2nd birthday market in October. Also watch this space for our December market applications which I will open in the next few days. Lisa x

Friday, September 16, 2011

One more sleep to go.....

It's been a busy week in Crafternoon-Tea land. We are now advertising in Your home & garden. Check out our first add.

See you all in the morning. Bring on the sunshine 

Lisa x

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Have you seen our latest new letter???

We have three beautiful feature people this month. So sit down with a nice hot drink or grab a moment on your next break to enjoy our newsletter. 

Click here to read.

Enjoy this crazy weather we are having an lets hope it blows away before Saturday. x

Friday, September 2, 2011

We love saskia.n.Designs.

Make sure you check out saskia's design's  at our next market. She has such beautiful jewellery. You can
like her on facebook

Here is a wee sneak of some beautiful pieces she has made recently.