Competition Time!!!

Ooooh we have such a fun competition for you guys this week!  Niki from Odd One Out has agreed to paint us our very own Crafternoon Tea custom plate - wahoo! (and about time hehe)

She has nearly completed it but needs your help with the finishing touches - and this is where it gets fun.....

Come up with cute, funny or completely random quote for the wee people on this fab vintage plate.  The lucky person who writes our favourite caption will win their choice of plate from the Odd One Out range!  So get thinking…..

You have until Friday 8pm to get those entries in – we will announce the winner and the plate will be revealed at the next market on the 19th of May.

To enter simply like both Facebook pages here & here and post a comment with your captions below – can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!


  1. "I've come to sample your wares" said he
    "I'd rather be at crafternoon Tea" she thought

  2. "Orange you glad I stopped by?" he mused.
    'If life gives you lemons...' - she concluded.
    * make lemonade or sell another type of fruit! :D

  3. Gentleman "Organic & homegrown I presume?
    Maiden "The oranges are..."

  4. "That's a fine pair," he said.

    "Oh no he didn't!"

  5. "nice oranges" he says
    "my eyes are up here buddy" she thinks

  6. He says: Those oranges look good for squeezing
    She thinks: Not as good as your plums

  7. haha keep them coming guys.

  8. 'Orange you lovely?'

    "N'e'roli thinks I'm that stupid?"

  9. He says "Your oranges are the same colour as my pantaloons, what a coincidence!"
    She thinks "I'm more concerned about my dress being the same colour as your lipstick..."

  10. "Argghh you can call me Jack Sparrow" says the husband to the wife.

    "Ohh lord not another Pirate fantasy" she thinks to herself.

  11. Him: Fine lady, why did the orange go out with the prune? Because he couldn't find a date!

    Her: This speed dating business is hard yakka... Next!

  12. Him: What a fine pair.....of oranges you have
    Her: Just pay up already...everyday the same comment.

  13. Him : What's the flavour like.....tart?
    Her: Go suck a lemon.....sir!
    Michelle Mawson Evans

  14. Her:Fresh Oranges who will buy my Oranges?
    Him:Go take them to Crafternoon Tea Market be sold in a jiffy.

  15. Him: Free Saturday?
    Her: No Sorry, Crafternoon-Tea is on :P

  16. Man: What have you got there sweetness?
    Lady: oh my goodness, if he doesn't know these are oranges.......

  17. Man: Mademoiselle! Care to craft much?
    Lady: Can to buy much?

  18. Madam, How much for the oranges? He saids
    She remembers: Must go back to Crafternoon Tea

  19. He said: I need to repair the carriage tomorrow.
    She thought But I was going to Crafternoon Tea!!

  20. He: We could fit 30 more stalls just along here, and hold a monthly Market.
    She: I knew I didn't just love him for his dashing good looks.


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