How does your garden grow.

This summer I've had so much fun in my vege garden. I spent some time in Blenheim over Xmas and spent time with my favourite other male person in my life my Step Dad Pete. Pete came into my life a long time ago and I feel so honored to have him.  He was there when I got married, there for all my kids and I've learnt so much from him. Loosing my Dad over 12 years ago was a hard thing for me. He missed meeting my husband, our wedding and all the other important things in my life.
 I feel so glad that I've had Pete along the way.

Peach tree not far off now. 

 So Pete is rather good in the garden (as is my lovely mum)
I love getting in the garden with him and learning a few new tricks. This summer we had a good old chat about a few veges and I thought I would give them a try once I was home.

Pete's garlic!!!! I was lucky to come home with a huge bag. Yum yum..

I really can't wait for them to all grow a little more (This weather really is helping my cause) My kids
love helping me out and it's a great skill for them at the same time.

We have beetroot, lettuce, tomatos, baby carrots, spring onions, silverbeet and zucchini all growing nicely.

Tomatos are nearly ready. 

Pete I'm not sure if you have noticed but I love you it bits. You have been a huge part of my life and I love spending time with you. I hope that one day I will be the one sending you my veges in the mail like you and mum do for me (yes that's right I get vege mail!!!! ) Luff you xxxx

I love this idea. Mesclun Salad Mix. You just cut off the top
when you need it and it keeps growing. 

Lettuce all in row. 

Now this is a new one for me. Beetroot. It's doing really well. And yes more lettuce.
Cos this time. 


  1. Hello! You have been nominated for the Liebster Award here:

    The Liebster award is a blog award given to new, up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers :)
    Hope to see you participate!

    PS. What a lovely garden!

  2. Wow what a lovely garden. You have inspired me to grow beetroot, especially is nice when roasted !!


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