My full day yesterday


Well my day started very early as I got the chance to do live tv on the Good Morning show with Astar.
Now this was a great experience. Every was so friendly and I really did have fun. I loved working with
Astar she is so beautiful and really funny. So away I went at 8am ( We needed lots of time as we had three kids with us ) Hubby dropped me off at TVNZ for my 5 minute slot.


So all done and dusted we loaded the kids into the car and headed down for some Ice Skating. Well my kids loved it. Make sure you try and head into the city. It's not often you get a free event these days. I was expecting one of our three to have a crash up but they did super well!!!!!


So home we headed after a long exciting day. Stopping for DVD's to make the day fun tomorrow. Dinner was on the table early for the kids as I knew they would be tired. My darling little girl ( 4 years ) had a crash up on the corner of our silly dishwasher and here we go....back into the car we load the kids. Down the road to the doctor's, who sent us to white cross, who sent us to starship. She needed stitches in her leg : ( Thank goodness for gas. She was the perfect angel and did so well. So back home at 8pm!!!! What a long day it was. How much could you possible fit in one day. 

Time for a relax I think. And trying to keep a 4 year old from jumping around might be fun!!!!!

So our market is coming up on the 20th. Not long to go. With 43 stall holders all booked and ready it's going to be yet another great day out. So save the date.

Lisa x


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