For the love of a doilie

So walking past my couch this morning and re arranging the cushions like I always do 100 times a day ( oh the joy of a not so perfect house ) I finally decided to so something about the "thing" that happened a few months ago. My children ( and I will never know which one ) have a habit of taking cuts out of things. Sissors always on the ready for the next exciting project they are sure to end up in the wrong hands. Just yesterday did my darling boy grab a pair a take a nick out of his lovely top. So one of our lovely new ( but not so new because that's how I roll ) cushions woke up one morning to find a not so peachy nick out of it's lovely side. OH NO!!!! Husband not so happy about his crafty wife ( with  sissors always on the ready ) No one to blame but myself, so there it sits every day a little sore and sad but still kind of cute because it's new on the couch. So this morning it got the better of me. And with sissors on the hand and as always, if most will know me with a suitcase of vintage doilies screaming to be used.

The cushion got a makeover. I'm not sure how my hubby will feel. And I'm not one to tell, I like him to work it out by himself. I think it looks kind of smart. And it's nick won't be showing to the world anymore. As I sit back on my now happy cushion, I kind like it's been brought back to life.

A few of our lovely stall holders. Use vintage fabrics and trims. I love how they are brought back to life. People puppies is just one of the many few. She uses them for beautiful childrens clothing. It's so nice to see something different and they really are beautiful.

There is always an exciting build up to the market. The signs go out, flyers are shared around Kingsland and the stall holders rush around getting ready. I feel so excited each month to bring such talent to our lovely little ( I like to say little but it's not really ) market. 43 stall holders all ready to share there lovely products with you. 

The countdown is on.........6 sleeps to go until market day.



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