A day in the life of my sign boy......

 Ok so the sign boy is in fact my husband but I just wanted to share what an amazing job he does each month. Rain or shine ( and for the last 3 now 4 months it has rained ) my lovely husband load's the car
the monday before Crafternoon-Tea with the nearly 40 sign's we have. Cable tie in hand off he goes on his merry ( sometimes no so ) way. "See you darling have fun." hehe

  So today I thought maybe I should go as I needed to check a few things at the hall. eg are the heaters in fact working this month or not. We left at 11am this morning. Give or take a few hours to stop and do the odd job it takes AGES....and I luff him for it. I get the lucky job of taking them down on the sundays so we do share the work. And today to our joy ( as well as the car load of sick children home from school ) we had just a little bit of snow. Yes nothing like the lower part I know but fun anyway. So next time you see my darling husband helping out just remember what he does each month for the love of it because it does take him a good two hours driving around and getting those awesome signs up. Thanks darlin ( you can call him Dan ) Lisa

ps no this isn't the snow in Auckland today. hehe


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