What I like right now

Soap Wardrobe have some beautiful products. I was given the

Sweet Orange and Cinnamon Snowflake Soap

As a gift the first time Ruby came to our market. Oh it's just beautiful. Make sure you check out her blog

And be sure to say hi to Ruby at our next market on the 20th of August. 

I also needed to buy a few gifts on saturday. And I knew
 just the person to get them from

Absolutely Alice

I really think you have it right on the mark. Your products are stunning. I brought two Golden note books that I just know will be loved. Almost too beautiful to use!!!!

And my last little splash out.....

I've had my eye on this little darling for a while now. I'm really unsure which room he will live it. But at the moment I'm just enjoying having him around. Wahhhh he's super cute. 


I guess I really should stop shopping each month. But with so many amazing people in one room it's very, very had to stop....... Lisa


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