Introducing Sweet Surrender

 Nicole has been baking since she was little (read the full story on her Her approach to cake making is unique and she gets her inspiration from almost anywhere; a movie, a historical event,a book,the stylish era of the 1920ties/30 & 1950ties,fabrics...the soft touch of silk or rich sumptuous velvet...too many too list here..the whole world is sooo inspiring! "My cakes are "staged" and I have or make up a story to go with them..Life is a stage and we might as well celebrate, right? "

  Her cakes are mainly for "Grown Ups" (no Dora the Explorer stuff in her repertoire..) Nicole is well known for her unusual and  sometimes daring flavour combinations & decorations. She likes to push the culinary boundaries a bit and certainly provide something "different" for the discerning & adventurous taste palette.

Nicole has been catering for fabulous events like the International Burlesque Festival on Waiheke last year, NZ Fashion Week,Costume Parties for the wild & creative, Fashion Shows & also of course for weddings, baby showers etc. She likes to follow her intuition & also adapt old recipes (for example from the 18th century) giving them a modern twist...Nicoles  motto is :"get inspired,try something new,dare to be different, have an open mind & heart,indulge,most of all appreciate, travel & taste as much as possible, have some fun and enjoy something beautiful on ya plate.."I invite you hereby to share my passion for sweet creations..Surrender to the Sweetness in Life"

Nicole thank you so much for you time. I can't wait to grab a yummy treat on Saturday : )



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