Introducing Bakadesign

Welcome one of our regulars at Crafternoon Tea Hana Park from Bakadesign.

How did it all start Hana??
It all really began with 3rd year Typography class when I was a design student at Massey University. The project was designing a book with-in the contents and we went class trip to small local bindery. I was so amazed that the book can be made with any materials and made by human hands. I started make dozens of different books every week and I took a bookbinding class to make sure and I was hooked. And Finally I have my Masters degree in Book arts. 

So what do you have to offer for your customers??
I make all sorts of books: diaries, notebooks, journals, occasional books, wedding guestbooks, photoalbums and cute crochet monkey. Everything is lovingly handmade by me. 

Hana is constantly looking for new approaches to her work and what customer needs for every day life. Sometimes designs are inspired by people she know's – they start out as a present for someone in particular, and then end up on my market -

Hana really enjoys going out to the markets. "I always say to my mum, market's are so  addictive. I love meeting with customers and hear about the comments, meeting other creative friends and shopping for other handmade goodies."

"I make my books with blessing and I hope that my books will give blessing to all."

Thank you so much Hana. We look forward to seeing you at our next market on the 21st of May. 10 - 2pm.  Keep up the beautiful work :)


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