Crafternoon Tea's birthday!

Oh my!  It's our first birthday already!!!  Where did that year go?  It really does seem like almost yesterday that I had this crazy idea to start up my very own craft market, little did I know that it would be such a great success!

I am very sad to see it go, so I might not!  After talking to lots of people, friends and family, it turns out that there's a lot of support for Crafternoon Tea, who knew?? :)  But, what I might do is change it into a bi-monthly market.  So have it every two months instead of every month, it might just make it that bit more manageable and allow Crafternoon Tea to stay alive!  What do you think?

This means that there would be no November market, but there would be the obligatory Christmas market, plus we could have special markets to coincide with special events, like the Kingsland Fair!

So perhaps a bit of good news!

Come on down to the market tomorrow, do a spot of early Christmas shopping (did I really say that??) and check out what's new!

See you all there,

Luisa :)


  1. Time run so fast, I remember I gave birth to my one and only daughter and now I am making her first birthday photo invitations. I love being a mom.

  2. I think bi-monthly sounds great or even make it a quarterly event- Spring, summer, autumn, winter, Of course timing the summer for Christmas shopping would be the key! Would love to hear about the Christmas market- Elizabeth -Zippitydoodah-
    All the best LU!


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