Hmmmmm, looks like there's a lot of interest in Crafternoon-Tea at the moment! Our listing on Eventfinder has had over 20,000 hits so far!!!! We've got some fantastic people applying, lots of wonderful regulars, not to mention some exciting new stall holders too! Here at Crafternoon-Tea craft markets, we love showcasing new vendors! Shopping from them too is also an added bonus! :-)

We've had some fantastic entries in so far for our logo design competition - and even more exciting news, is that the winner of that competition will see their design in print, in the next issue of Extra Curricular! Yay!! Not to mention on new business cards, flyers, on the blog, facebook, promotional material, the list goes on! A great bit of exposure for those budding designers out there!

Don't forget about our flyer competition as well, you get a free table at the market, or if you're not a crafter, but want to give designing the flyer a go, there will be a special prize in it for you!! This is an ongoing competition too, as we'd like a new flyer every month, but featuring our new upcoming logo!

We have some other sneaky, exciting news coming too, but you'll just have to keep checking back to find out!

Keep crafting!
Luisa :-)


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