Well, the second ever Crafternoon-tea was decidedly quieter than the first, but still an excellent day! So many people, customers and vendors commented on the wonderful atmosphere! Yay! The weather was gorgeous and the tide of people ebbed and flowed (such a teacher metaphor!). We had incredible vendors, the talent of people out there constantly amazes me! Sarah from Songbird Designs told me the wonderful news that a retail stockist, Mixt in Kingsland, had spotted her from the first Crafternoon-tea and approached her to sell her incredible products! A huge congratulations to Sarah!

Some of the earrings from Littlebird Designs.

Christmas decorations from Littlebird Designs

A sampling of Hayley's wonderful pillows and blankets, you can catch her at the Christmas Crafternoon-tea.

R.W Scissors incredible table!

More of those gorgeous dolls from Softings Repurposed.

Some of the other wonderful creations from Softings Repurposed.

Grrrrr. It's Miss Ellie May and you just have to buy her new creation, the fantastic Extra Curricular magazine.

The ever so talented Jess from Bam Bam Creative and a new regular to Crafternoon-tea, we are SO excited to have you on board!

A new vendor to Crafternoon-Tea, the very talented Kate from Paper Pesto and you can find her and her amazing range of christmas cards and reindeer food at the Christmas Crafternoon-Tea!

Ruby in the Dust with a gorgeous table, colour me jealous!

The wonderful Sarah of Songbird Designs with her table chock-full of goodies!

Meet Erin from Ferrit, another new vendor to Crafternoon-Tea, hopefully we'll be seeing her and her unbelievable table of crafty goodness!

The wonderful Cheek Pinchy.

Pushin Cushion

Honey Design Books

Em's Bags

Sandra Waine

Books by Rachel

The market in full swing.

We even had people up on the stage!

The new wobble board!

The gorgeous girls from Coco Loco.

It was a great day and thanks to all who came and participated, look out for more details about our Christmas market, and start spreading the word!


  1. Thanks for having us, we had a lovely time! See you for the Christmas Market =)

  2. I had a great day thanks guys. Count me in for next year! (I sent you an email yesterday)
    Sarah, Cotton Kiwi

  3. Looks like it was a fabulous spread! I will definitely be up for a visit in the new year :D

  4. Looking forward to seeing you then! :-)


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