Our Look Who's Coming to Tea sidebar is getting longer and longer! Yippee! In the lead up to the next market I thought I would do a little feature or two each day of all the wonderful vendors that are coming to tea! Some people don't have blogs or websites yet, but have the most AMAZING products, so I'll be posting photos so you know what wonderful crafty treats are in store for you - and can start planning those christmas presents!!!

So, first up we have the wonderfully talented Kate Tobeck from Paper Pesto (love the name!), who makes divine cards - perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Why buy mass produced, when you can get something unique and original??! This is just a sample of her clever creations, I know where I'm getting my Christmas cards this year!This is one of my personal favourites, I can't think why!!! :-)

And all this is just a sample of what's to come!!

Luisa :-)


  1. Hi Luisa,
    Wow! I am stoked, thanks so much! My first market and I am thrilled about it. I just checked the blog and saw my cards, just about fell off my chair. Thank you for putting me up there!!

    See you in two weeks, look forward to meeting you =)

    Kate Tobeck.
    (p.s. tried to email you this before posting it here but it kept bouncing back).

  2. Wow! I love the cards, can't wait to see them in the flesh! :) The tea one is my favourite too xx


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