Like most venues in Auckland, the Trinity Methodist Church Hall is already booked out for the month of December, done long before Crafternoon-Tea ever appeared on the scene!
However, with a bit of phoning around, I have found another potential venue. Before I confirm the booking, I want to ask all my stallholders and potential stallholders their opinion!
The date would be Saturday 12th December, similar times and the venue for this one-off Christmas Market is the Fickling Convention Centre, 546 Mt Albert Road in Three Kings, in the Hillsborough Room. I'm viewing the venue next week and just wanted to know a level of interest before I go ahead and confirm the booking.

So, what do you think? Let me know by either commenting on this post or sending me an email,, or posting a message on our Facebook page.

You have until November 12th to let me know!

Luisa :-)


  1. personally? Mt Albert seems a little far out fromt the city centre (albeit right down the road from my house!), is there anything in Ponsonby maybe? Herne Bay? Just an idea =)

  2. I've tried! Everything seems to be booked already, but that won't stop me! I'll find something, somewhere! :-)

  3. I like the idea of an xmas craft market- any excuse to dress up in tinsel. It's a shame about the venue ( not being the usual one) but then surely it is better to keep the market in people's minds and just relocate it.
    As a westie, I like the idea of a market slightly closer to home ( not that Mount Albert is west of course) and means we can appeal to a whole new audience.


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