A crafty idea.

So it's nearly that time of year. We have two markets left on the 7th and 21st. And don't forget the 21st is until 3pm so lots of time for shopping. My little Mr crafty child has been working on a project and I thought we might share with you as it's so easy to make. A great Xmas present or Xmas decoration for your home. We used Stampin' Up! products and really had fun.
You will need ~ A glue gun and sticks
                           A fabric pen
                           A scrap of calico or light fabric
                           Glass jar (we used a baby food jar)
                           Wool (red and white as it's nearly Xmas!!!)
                           Twine or string
                           Fabric ink (normal would be fine)
                           A stamp of your choice (we used Stampin' Up! as they have a great range)
Step 1 these are all the items you will need. You will find most around your home and listed above.
Step 2 first grab your wool, scissors and fork.
Step 3 cut a small piece of wool and lay it between your fork.
Step 4 wrap your wool around the fork. We found about 60 times perfect.
Step 5 Pull your cut wool to the top. Slide the wrapped wool off the fork and tie tight.
We found wrapping a few times to make sure it's really tight the best.
Then grab your sissors and cut through your wool to make your pom pom.
Step 6 grab your stamp. We used one of the beautiful Xmas stamps from Stampin' Up! (colour me Christmas wooden stamps) and stamp your fabric. We used StazOn from Stampin' Up!

Step 7 Grab some fabric. We used calico and stamp your little heart out.
Then we grabbed some fabric pens (from spotlight) and coloured in his scarf for detail.
With the sewing machine we stitched around him to create a frame.
Step 8 time to glue the pom poms onto the twine.
Step 9 The finished product.
Step 10 glue your stamp onto a jar. We used a baby food jar and you can always find lots of these.
Step 11 hang it up and enjoy.
Step 11 why not wrap one up for Xmas or give just as is.

Looks like fun?? Why not try it with the kids. I have some great new products to share with you all coming into Xmas. I'm very excited at attending a banner making event coming up soon. And looking forward to sharing my finished with with you (hopefully it will turn out!!)



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