Happy Sunday everyone

Wow the sun sure did shine yesterday for us. What a great day it was. I had so much fun looking at all the amazing stall holders. Picking up some lovely treats and just enjoying the crowd of people we had. We had our lucky facebook winner Carley pop in to collect her lovely prize and we also had another competition running if you signed up for our newsletter. Which we will draw tomorrow. Always something exciting happing in Crafternoon Tea land. I look forward to sharing some photos in the next few days taken by Bronwyn from People Puppies of the market.

I just wanted to share with you what I have been up to over the last few months. Now I'm a sewer as most of you know. I run monkeej with my lovely mum who is in Blenheim......Now she has shown me how to crochet in the past but it's very hard to teach if your living in another town. So I've been running Crafternoon Tea for a whole year now. This time last year I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely girl ( I like to say girl because it makes her sound young and beautiful which she is ) at our market called Natalie from Poppy&Bee. Who has infact joined us every month since.

Now I've always rather liked the idea of learning a little more about this whole crochet thing but to be honest with three small children, a few markets and now a store which I run with my lovely husband  ( Love Vintage & Retro ) crochet really was in the back on my mind. So to cut a long story short. I brought a hook about 4 months ago......and finally about a month ago I did some lessons with Natalie.

WOW Natalie is an amazing teacher ( being a teacher helps I guess ). I'm very much a visual person more than a follow the rules person. ( as Natalie was about to find out ) So 4 lessons later and I'm into it.
A huge blanket in the works, 3 hats for my kids and another order or wool just dropped off this morning.....Now I can't stop. I even made a little crochet hat for our new toys.

 Hat by ME!!!

Now don't get me wrong I love my sewing. But crochet you can take anywhere. I think I have a new found love for this skill and I hope keep it up.

If this is something you have wanted to learn or like the sounds of. I can give Poppy&Bee top marks.
Natalie is a great teacher and I'm so shocked I learnt to make a number of things in just 4 lessons. Including a hat. Which I never thought I could do. I have infact just booked more one on one lessons with her to master a few more things.

You will find Poppy&Bee at Crafternoon Tea so why not have a chat about getting a group together for a lesson. It really was so much fun and it's always nice to learn a new crafty skill : )

Enjoy your Sunday night everyone. Applications will open tomorrow for our May market.

Keep it crafty. x


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