So Stall holders will be listed over the weekend

Lets hope the weather keeps up for us. My little man turns 7 tomorrow. Wow time goes so fast. I've had a great week getting setup for my next markets and building up my stock for Xmas. On that note applications for Xmas markets close tonight. These two markets on the 3rd and 17th are going to be our biggest yet so make sure you plan a trip down for your Xmas shopping.

On another note I was just flicking through my desk top and I thought I would share a photo. My husband and I before children had a number of houses that we brought back to life. This was one of our favourites. I must confess that our tastes have changed as the children have grown and it's safe to say that we now have LOTS of retro bits and bobs around or house. The odd crochet blanket etc. Daniel was very much a white and stainless person for a long time so it's nice to see some colour in our house.
This house was amazing but boy did it need some work.
Before paint and us moving in ( there was a lot of stuff in this house )

After paint

It's amazing how you can bring something back to life with a little ( or in this case a lot ) of work and love. I guess when I'm making my toys I kind of feel the same. Bring that old bit of fabric that was sitting in a cupboard back to life so it can be enjoyed and loved all over.
Enjoy your weekend everyone xx


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